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1. Officers and Departmental Directors' Itineraries
2. Departmental Quarterly & Monthly Report Forms
3  Other Forms
4. Manuals
5. Registration Forms
6. Seminar Materials
7. Misc Documents
Officers and Departmental Directors' Itineraries

SN Itinerary Link
1 President's Download
2 Executive Secretary/Religious Liberty Download
3 Chief Financial Officer Download
4 Ministerial/Family Life/Music Download
5 Personal Ministries/Sabbath/Adventist Global Mission/VOP Download
6 Youth Ministries/Communication/Chaplaincy Download
7 Stewardship/Church Development/Trust Services Download
8 Women's/Children's/Health Ministries Download
9 Publishing/Education/SOP Download
Departmental Quarterly Report Forms
SN Report Name  Link
1 Education Report Form  Download
2 Personal Ministries Quarterly Report Form  Download
3 Revised Report Form 2011 for Personal Ministries  Download
4 Adventis Mission Pioneers Quarterly Report Form  Download
5 Women Ministries Statistical Quarterly Report Form  Download
6 AMO Quarterly Report Form  Download
7 Dorcas Quarterly Report Form  Download
8 voice of Prophecy (VOP) Report Form  Download
9 Health Statistical Quarterly Report Form  Download
10 Youth Quarterly Report Form - Districts  Download
11 Youth Quarterly Report Form - Church Districts  Download
12 Publishing  Download
13 Stewardship Quarterly Report Form  Download
14 Sabbath School  Download
15 Church Developemnt  Download
16 Communication Quarterly Report Form - Districts  Download
17 Communication Quarterly Report Form - Church Districts  Download
18 SOP  Download
19 Ministerial Association Quarterly Report Form  Download
20 PAKIA Quarterly Report Form  Download
21 Shepherdess Chapter Quarterly Report Form  Download
22 Children Ministries Statistical Quarterly Report Form  Download
23 Family Life Quarterly Report Form  Download
24 Campus Ministries Quarterly Report Form - Districts  Download
25 Campus Ministries Quarterly Report Form - Church Districts  Download
26 Trust Services Quarterly Report Form  Download
27 Music Quarterly Report Form  Download
28 Religious Liberty Quarterly Report Form  Download
Other Forms

SN Form  Name Link
 1  Voice of Prophecy  Download
 2  Treasury Monthly Report  Download
 3  Stewardship Evaluation  Download
 4  Church Organization  Download
 5  Church Building Assistance  Download
 6  Baptism Report  Download
SN Manual Name Manual Link
1 Church Manual  
2 Personal Ministries Manual  
3 Sabbath School Manual  
4 Keys To Adventist Community Service  
Registration Forms
SN Department Form Name Link
1 Adventist Youth  Impact South Africa 2013  SID Youth Conference Registration  Download
2 Women's Ministries  2013 SID WM Congress Registration  Download
Seminar Materials

SN  Department  Material  Link
1.  Presidential  Call and Election  Download
2.  Presidential  Christian Ethics  Download
3.  Presidential  Church Committees  Download
4.  Presidential  Church Elections  Download
5.  Presidential  Church Planning  Download
6.  Presidential  Departmental Policies  Download
7.  Presidential  Elder-Pastor Relationship  Download
8.  Presidential  Leadership Styles  Download
9.  Presidential  Qualification and Ordination  Download
10.  Ministerial  Unity of Purpose  Download
11.  Ministerial  Wedding Guidelines  Download
12.  Family Life  Communication Lesson  Download
13.  Education  Education Department Policies  Download
14.  Education  Philosophy of Adventist Education  Download
15.  Spirit of Prophecy  Evangelism and the Printed Page in Light of Prophecy  Download
16.  Spirit of Prophecy  In Harmony with the Gospel  Download
Misc Documents
SN Document Name Document Link
1 Constitution and By-laws of the CZC Federation of the Adventist
Youth Ministry
2  Youth/Campus/Communication Strategic Plan Download
3  ZBUC Strategic Plan for 2010 - 2015  


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